Bob Worthington, Naturopath


A highly successful electrical engineer, working for many years in the power industry, he took early retirement to pursue his passion in the alternative health profession.


Bob’s interest in Energy Healing and Natural Medicine was originally initiated in the nutritional area by a long standing weight problem. The interest became a passion, after losing his wife to cancer, experiencing first hand the poor state of the current medical technology in handling degenerative disease.


Bob completed the requirements leading to a Naturopath degree from Clayton College of Natural Health, Certification as a Natural Health Professional from CHNP, a 2 year intensive Etheric Healing certification from the Corona Institute of Etheric Healing, Certification as a Nutrition Counselor from AANC, Training in Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection under Dr. Eric Pearl, Certification in Reflexology, and many week long and weekend courses on various other healing modalities, including:


Quantum Touch Healing – Riverside, CA                                     EMF Balancing Technique Phases I-VIII – Mexico City, Mexico

Raw Food Preparation, Newport Beach, CA                                 Mineral Transporters – El Paso, TX

SCENAR Applications – Dallas, TX and Los Angeles, CA              Spiritual Response Therapy - Mexico City, Mexico

Emotional Freedom Technique – Los Angeles, CA                        Quantum Energetics – Budapest, Hungary

Emotional Complex Clearing – Riverside, CA                                Theta Healing - Mexico City, Mexico

Resonant Field Imaging – Riverside, CA                                     Matrix Energetics I-III, Los Angeles, CA

Applications with Mineral Transporters – El Paso, TX                 Testing for Immunity and Female Hormones – San Diego, CA

Advanced Practical Nutrition – Los Angeles, CA                         Huna - Mexico City, Mexico

Applications in Phytotherapy – Los Angeles, CA                          Practical Shamanism – Riverside, CA

Nutritional Response Testing – Los Angeles, CA



Today, Bob has a successful practice as a Nutritional/Energetic Consultant and Trainer, Naturopath, Energetic practitioner and Healer. His offices are located in Blue Springs, MO. In Mexico City we do give appointments, but these have to be scheduled when we are in town. For an appointment or more information send us an e-mail message.



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