Our offices are located in Blue Springs, MO.

In Mexico City we do give appointments, but these have to

be scheduled when we are in town.




To schedule an appointment, e-mail us..

Appointments are available from 10 am to 6 pm Monday through Fridays.

Special arrangements can be made for later times or Saturday appointments.




Nutritional Consultation                                         EMF Balancing Technique

Detoxification & Weight Loss                                Etheric Healing (Aura/Chakra Balance)

Chemical and Heavy Metal Detoxification               Reconnective Healing

Metabolic, Pathogen & Immunity Testing                Personal Reconnection

Adrenal Stress & Female Hormone Testing             Emotional Freedom Technique

Natural Hormone Replacement                                Emotional Release

SCENAR - Biofeedback                                          Raw Food Preparation Classes

Meditation Classes                                                Practitioner Training

Matrix Energetics                                                 Theta Healing


California SB577 Declarations

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