Remote Testing and Discovery

What is remote Testing?
It is a way to tap directly into the unconscious mind of the client and read precisely what is going on in the physical, emotional and energetic system.

After using muscle testing for many years, I concluded that there needed to be a way to read the body and test clients without using their own muscles. This was because there were a number of people that had problems with using an arm, or other muscle to determine strength or weakness. These problems varied from a small child that had difficulty staying focused to the elderly whose muscle strength was greatly diminished due to general fatigue, arthritis or other injury. What I found was that by using my own muscles, while focusing on the client, I could obtain a reading that was just as valid, if not more, than using them as the test subject.

There is much information on the internet of how exactly surrogate or remote muscle testing works, so I won’t take the time to expand more on the subject. If you want more information, just search Google or elsewhere for “surrogate or remote muscle testing”.

Your session will include a complete report sent to you by e-mail with detailed instructions. Physical problems may require a supplement or two at the most and simple diet modifications. Also a detailed description of emotional blockages and their correction, which is also done remotely. I will ask you to perform simple emotional release exercises locally, with detailed instructions, to re-enforce the emotional work.

Once you have had an opportunity to check your report and implement the recommendations for a period of at least 2 weeks, we can do reschedule additional sessions if any other items need to be addressed.

How exactly does a remote session work?
1. You sign up and pay for your remote session with the button below:

2. Then download: The Information and History Form , fill it out and e-mail it to me here .

3. Once I receive your completed form, within 24 hours I will do the testing and send you a complete report including the following:

a) Condition of your central nervous system – Any blockages here and it is impossible to obtain and lasting true healing. Eliminate these causes and gone are the sleepless nights, constant tiredness, digestive problems and inability to handle stress.

b) Deficiencies in organs, glands and systems – Simple steps to restore healthy flow and completely reverse long standing problems.

c) Any food intolerances – That are turning your mealtimes into an immune reaction instead of a heath and restoration function. What to eliminate from your diet completely.

d) If applicable, Why you have been gaining weight for years – And simple changes you can make to return to your ideal weight without hunger or strenuous exercise.

e) Unhealthy beliefs that are keeping you stuck – Creating a poor self-image, self-induced stress and defeatist attitude and their correction status. Also, any emotional connection to physical conditions that are present.

f) Any supplements that you might need to add - Including dosage and frequency. Don’t worry, I use limited supplementation. You won’t need more than one or two in the majority of cases.

g) Many other causes of imbalance too numerous to mention which are keeping you limited instead of thriving.

If you have been battling with health conditions for some time now, getting some or no relief, reserve your remote testing appointment now to find out the exact cause of your imbalance and simple inexpensive methods of correction to start turning your life around today.

To schedule your appointment, use the button above, or go to and make a payment of $60.00 to

Cost for initial assessment and report: Only $60.00

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